the best breakfast sandwich

Approximately five months ago, I made a claim that I had tasted the best sandwich I ever had, and ever would taste in my lifetime. I stand by that claim just as boldly today.
Through a miracle of chance leftovers fused with the mid-morning, hungry ingenuity of two artistic minds, the perfect sandwich was born: Swiss cheese, peppery arugula and an egg over-easy on chewy ciabatta.

I think it was Swiss. But this is how myths are born— ideology is explored through narrative form.
I can’t vouch for your mythological sandwich– my ideology on the subjects of love, cheese, and springtime combine to create the narrative you are now reading and the sandwich you see on that blue plate.

While everyone celebrates their respective narratives of Reformation Day, Day of the Dead, and All Hallows’/Saints/ Days, and other such legendary tales, I’ll be eating this sandwich.

May you festively perpetuate the myths that make us human, but which also make us strive for something higher. 

Something like a better sandwich.Breakfast Sandwich with Egg, Arugula, and Swiss on Ciabatta

ciabatta bread, sliced in half and toasted
thinly sliced Swiss cheese (2 slices/person)
egg (1/person)
small handful of arugula (1 handful/person)
small amount of butter
salt & pepper

While ciabatta toasts, heat skillet to medium high with butter to coat the pan. Throw the egg on the hot pan, sprinkle on salt and pepper, and fry until the egg white is about half cooked. Flip over without spilling the yolk, and cook for only another minute or two– the yolk should remain runny. Don’t bother with this sandwich if that grosses you out (get your own myth). Remove ciabatta from toaster, lay Swiss cheese on the bottom slice, and butter the top. Top cheese’d slice with arugula and your over-easy egg. Put the buttered slice atop your sandwich, and consume with gratitude.

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