my mama’s butterhorn rolls

Although I’ve been known as quitter, I am not quitting on the ever-enjoyable project of the honey swamp. I have been preoccupied lately, however, with second graders, Puritan history, tragic tales of revenge, exciting family affairs and buying large amounts of very small pumpkins.

In this home, though, the busier woman is always my charitable mother. As a woman with both gifts in so many directions and the meticulous dedication to doing her best at all of them, she has consistently, unquestionably put her love for her family first. And if your family is like ours and many others around the world, love flourishes on tradition, and tradition means food, and that food happens to often be carbohydrates.

It’s too early to think about holidays, but these rolls always make me nostalgic for Thanksgivings and Christmases, appreciating the tradition of bread, tradition of family dedication, all based on the beautiful, traditional dedication to a life substantiated by the Bread of Life.

Congratulations to my brother, who will carry that bread back to where the real roots of that original field are, and be a hand in that glorious harvest.
Happy fall. Appreciate your families, your traditions, your religion, and your bread.
Go to my beautiful cousin Kimi’s post on details of how to make these! On our side of the family, we like them with half whole wheat. They are quite easy, and very satisfying


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One Response to my mama’s butterhorn rolls

  1. Niiice Claire!!!! Thanks but I’m not quite as beautiful as this batch of beauties….WOW!!! k.

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