unfinished drafts

It is the hottest day in September, and I’m heading toward the sea. Spring roses and strawberries have come and gone, their sweetness only remembered by this grainy photo of strawberry-rose syrup.

I woke up this morning and went to go put on my memories, but they were all in the washing machine and there was nothing to wear. With each churn of the machine, the colors bled and turned to grey.

This May tabbouleh was made with beets, pistachios, and feta. I put wildflowers in a Coke can as the sun turned black in the mid-afternoon.

There was a season of spicy arugula and discovery.

We pan-fried gnocchi, panned for gold, and planned a small town life.

The colors of summer have passed, and even tomatoes are fading now, which I never had a chance with.

The heightened fire of spirit that thrives on a beautiful mixture of confidence and naiveté fades gracelessly into a phlegmatic fall of greys and age.

The summer is gone; the swamp is back.

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7 Responses to unfinished drafts

  1. macleanwaffles says:

    while I’m not happy about summer being gone, i am glad to hear: “the swamp is back.”

  2. this is beautiful and funny. and that first photo is wonderful.

  3. mr t says:

    three cheers for return of the “swamp”. Looking forward to some yummy concoctions for the fall season!

  4. it is a bright and beautiful and oppressively warm thursday in september, my dear pilgrims. let us praise the gods for our claire and her unconquerable soul, again and infinitely. thanks for this epilogue, clam. viva la swamppppp

  5. Sabrina says:

    I just about jumped for joy when I found that one of the links on this post was a song by Billie Holiday. Truly you are a most beautiful person.

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  7. mike says:

    I am better because of the swamp.

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