vegan carrot chai shake

Cow’s milk and its products give me headache, and when Shelly and I are in the car together, I end up having to roll the windows down. Almond Dream ice cream is really a dream, and we both swear that it tastes miles better than regular ice cream. The Lotus Cafe in Encinitas sells a vegan carrot milkshake, and the Golden Nugget in Davis sells a chai milkshake. Using non-dairy and non-caffeinated ingredients, Shelly and I created this headache-free masterpiece.

Vegan Carrot Spice Shake

1 pint almond vanilla ice cream
1 3/4 cups carrot juice
1 cup herbal chai (we used Yogi’s Chai Rooibis, which uses a red tea base, which is herbal!)
crystalized ginger, to taste & garnish

Prepare a cup of water to boil, and then let the teabag steep for 5 minutes. Stick it in the freezer, or throw in a few ice cubes to cool it down a bit. Blend your ice cream and carrot juice in a blender with a few flecks of the ginger. Blend in the tea once it’s cooled down a bit , and serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon and piece of crystalized ginger. Makes enough for 2 happy people.

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